Video is a great tool to help you increase conversion rates, 90% of consumers say that video content informs their buying decisions. Video content is easily digestible and if done correctly, very engaging so it isn’t surprising that on YouTube alone, people watch a billion hours of video every day.

So, you now know that video is a great tool to help your business grow, but how can you use it to increase conversions?

Use the right type of video

There are several types of video available and each format will bring its own unique twist to your product or service. When choosing your video type, always keep your business goals in mind as each video brings something a little different.

Product Videos

A product video is a short promotional clip that sits on your product page. Website users are 64% to 85% more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

Use your video to showcase your products best features, for example, if you are selling a jacket, instead of using photos of the jacket, create a video of a model wearing the jacket. This gives your audience a very real taste of your product and makes it harder for them not to purchase it.

Digital Ads

The market is saturated with products and services, so how do you make yours stand out? When it comes to advertising, online videos are getting three times more clicks than any other ad format making video content an extremely effective way to get your target audience’s attention.

The most successful and engaging video ads are those that avoid blatant advertising. Instead, offer your audience helpful and educational content and if you can, add in a bit of humour too!


Getting your audience’s attention is hard, but keeping it, is even harder. The average viewing time for all types of webinars is 57 minutes which means that you could have your potential customer’s attention for almost an hour. Use this time to engage your prospects and solve their problems whilst making them feel inspired.

Make sure you use your webinar registration form as a way to gather high-quality information about your leads. In addition, make sure you record your session so you can offer your content at a later date, keep this content gated as this enables you collect even more leads in the future.

Testimonial videos

What better way is there to sell your products than through a satisfied customer? Testimonial videos are an effective way to prove your capabilities to your target audience as someone with a similar problem is telling your prospects how you were able to help.


If you think that your business could benefit from a video – whether that’s events, weddings, corporate, music or you want to film a documentary – head over to our videography page for more information, price guides and to get a quote.