By utilising VR technology, Life is Art Virtual is currently helping businesses provide their customers with a fully immersive brand experience whilst shopping remotely.

Having a virtual tour allows your consumers to access your store from their mobile phones anywhere in the world. It also provides them with an engaging and interactive experience, similar to what they would experience in-store.

So why will this increase your sales?

Drive footfall to your store

In 2020, the world witnessed a huge growth in online sales. Online purchases now account for nearly a third of all retail purchases across the UK. As shoppers shift to buying online, it’s important to provide your customers with the same brand experience that they would get in-store.

A virtual tour allows you to showcase your products in an engaging and interactive environment whilst fully immersing your customers in your brand.

Opening hours – 24/7

Your virtual store will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Without being subjected to normal opening and closing times, customers can browse your products at any time on their smartphone, laptop, iPad or desktop.

Go Global

You will be able to interact and engage with potential customers all over the world. Your virtual store will allow your products to be accessible globally allowing you to grow your customer base drastically.  


Improve your SEO

Google favours businesses with virtual tours as a virtual tour is considered ‘information rich content’. If your content is favoured by Google, it will increase your rankings which will increase your online visibility. This will increase online traffic to your website.

New Age Marketing

With one in five people spending more than 40 hours online each week, grabbing their attention is more important than ever. A. virtual tour will help you market your product to millennials by providing them with a unique and engaging digital experience.

If you’re ready to stand out from your competition head over to our virtual tours page for more information, price guides and to get a quote.