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Your brand needs to tell a story.

However, a story is not a story without everyone’s favourite part – the pictures! Let’s be honest, we’ve all skipped to the pictures in a storybook, because these are the images that spark our interest. Film posters and the front covers of books use a single image to portray a story and the premise is no different in the world of business.

With over 10 years’ experience as commercial photographers, we can shoot anything, whether you want beautiful wide-angle shots of your business premises and factory in full swing or product photography that will bring your merchandise to life.

Your photography project could also be for internal use, such as staff portraits, corporate events and conferences, or annual report images. Alternatively, you may need corporate photography to promote your products and services for use on your website, to feature on social media platforms, within a blog, for large-format outdoor advertising or in magazines.

At Life is Art, we don’t like to brag. Nevertheless, we would just like to go on record to say that our commercial photographers have collaborated with some premium brands such as Jaguar, Volvo, The ICC Symphony Hall, Banana Moon Nurseries, DeMontfort Fine Art, Whitewall Galleries, Quick Lane Autocentre, Sanctuary Student Accommodation, VW, Mutt Motorcycles, Rhubarb Hospitality, Cox Automotive, Sky Garden, Blinx Data, Villandry Restaurant Group, Linden Staub, Johnsons Dealerships and Unique Senior Care. Okay, confession time, that was quite a brag!

Whatever it is you would like us to shoot, we will ensure that we deliver outstanding images that will engage and inspire your customers and motivate your staff.



As a commercial photographer, I have photographed everything from Michael Parkinson to a sunrise fashion shoot. It’s my job to create a portfolio that will tell your brand story. A strong set of images is the perfect way to engage your customers and illustrate exactly who you are. 

It doesn’t matter who I am working with or the brief I am given, my approach as an experienced commercial photographer always remains the same: listen, collaborate, deliver. I am perfectly happy to work to a set budget and an agreed deadline, and in turn I will make sure you receive a perfectly edited, high-quality set of images.

Commercial Photography Service Like No Other

Down the years, taking photographs has been the favourite way of telling a story and in fact they have been the marketing medium of thousands of brands and businesses around the world. They can tell stories and convey emotions that words alone can’t.

Of course, it goes without saying that the quality of the photos will ultimately depend on the photographer. If your chosen photographer has amazing skills and years of practical experience, you can bet your bottom dollar that you will be one satisfied customer. Therefore, you need to make sure you employ the services of a commercial photographer with a proven track record, like us here at Life is Art.

At Life is Art, we live and breathe photos and videos. We are passionate about our craft and we believe the work we deliver speaks for itself. Please have a look through our portfolio and you will soon see what we’re talking about. In fact, our output is one of the main reasons why the brands and businesses we mentioned above trust no one else but us.

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