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Events are made to make memories and mark achievements, and we appreciate the serious effort that goes into creating the big event – it’s our job to capture it. Event photography needs to be exceptional.

Our event photographers are discrete and ensure no small detail is missed, so you can best showcase the experience to your business, guests and clients whilst kicking back and enjoying your handiwork.

Our ‘house style’ is relaxed – photography is not overly orchestrated or staged. By doing this, we are able to authentically capture the buzz, vibe and good times of your event. And the resulting photos from events covered are regularly used by businesses, professionals and organisations to market online and across their social media profiles – rather than sitting in a folder on your desktop gathering (computer) dust.

Our event photography service is available either as a standalone service or as part of a filming & photography package. In every case, we plan your project with you in advance to ensure we understand the aims and priorities.


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I’ve worked on some amazing projects with some huge brands such as Engage!, Summit, The Arts Club and The Ritz, I’ve hit the road and travelled to many countries such as the US, Finland and Japan, and I’ve shot lifestyle from underwater, from the top of a mountain and in countless glorious landscapes. Your Lifestyle shoot is what I’m passionate about – wherever it takes me, it’s my job to provide images that help tell your brand story, and there is no other job I’d rather do.

Using a Lifestyle Photographer is an essential and important part of marketing your business.

A potential customer needs to see themselves reflected back when looking at your brand. If they can’t relate to your marketing and picture themselves using your products or services, then they are less likely to engage with you. Photography that shows real people in real-life situations will help you make that vital connection and improve engagement. Simple!

Take a look through our Lifestyle work to see what it is we’re banging on about, we promise you’ll be impressed. Get in touch to arrange a call about your Lifestyle shoot.

What makes Life is Art different

There are dozens of other photographers you can hire for your upcoming concert or company anniversary, but none can compare to our very own event photographer. We have the skills, dedication, and experience to produce event photographs like no other. Here’s what make us different.

1. We do our homework!

Events photography is a huge responsibility and a serious undertaking. Whether you’re hosting an awards night or a special gala for your charity’s major benefactors, you’d undoubtedly want to make sure that everything will go according to plan.

As an experienced event photographer, we know better than to show up on the night of your event without making the necessary preparations. This is why we always make sure to do our research and visit the venue prior to the event to check the angles, lighting, and other extra details that can have an impact on the finished product. We’ll even look for areas in the venue where we can take guests or participants of your event for individual or groups shots.

2. We listen to what you want

We make sure to take a brief from you and your chosen event organiser so we can fully understand what your event is all about, who the important guests are, and what the particular requirements of the evening are amongst many others. This is to ensure that our event photographers won’t miss anyone or anything of great importance, be it VIPs or a very rare photo opportunity.

3. We get to know you better first!

Taking photographs without getting to know your clients first is akin to going out in the wilderness without a map. An essential rule of good photography is to always research your clients, and we make sure to follow this rule to a T. It is because your style and personality as a company or organisation—and your guests, as well—will have an impact on the nature and finish of the photos.

 4. We’re laidback

You can easily tell that we at Life is Art are a bunch of laid back people, which is a massive advantage if you’re an event photographer as it helps put the subjects of our photographs at ease. When it comes to event photography, it’s important to make sure that the participants or guests are relaxed and comfortable in their surroundings. So when the photos come out, anyone who’s looking at them can tell that your guests were genuinely having a great time.

5. We blend in

As we have said earlier, we don’t want our event photos to be overly orchestrated. We want them to look as natural as possible. For this reason, our event photographers make sure to blend it during the event. Since you or your guests won’t certainly appreciate someone zooming into their faces when they are going about their business, you can count on us to be discrete and remain in the background at all times.

At the same time, we’ll make sure to move around the venue like a ninja. This way, we can capture the buzz of the place and take photos of as many of the participants as possible and not just those who naturally stand out or showing off on purpose.

6. We are masters of taking photos in the dark

Events, such as concerts, banquets, corporate anniversaries, and award shows, often take place at night or in dimly lit venues. This is why choosing an event photographer who is highly proficient with the technical aspects of photography is, no doubt, an advantage when you’re hosting an event.

At Life is Art, we’re proud to inform you that we have been doing event photography for years. We know the secrets to taking captivating photographs no matter the lighting situation. Whether it’s dark or bright out, we’re very confident with our ability to take crisp, high-quality, and well-lit images. You have our guarantee that will give you stunning photographs that you can use in your company newsletters, press releases, website, and other promotional and marketing materials.

7. We had great timing

Sometimes, a fraction of a second can make a huge difference to photographs. If you wait too long before pressing the shutter, you might miss the chance to capture something special. Of course, the same is also true if you aren’t patient enough and you press the shutter immediately.

As an experienced event photographer, we know when to hold and when to press the shutter. Because we want to make sure that we’ll capture that perfect moment, we are constantly honing our skills to further improve our timing—as well as our other technical skills—so we can provide our clients with excellent results all the time.

8. We work fast

As an event photographer who wants your maximum satisfaction, we’ll make sure to work quickly and process the photographs immediately so you can enjoy them as soon as possible. After all, we don’t want you to lose your excitement and enthusiasm. We want you to relive the moment as quickly as you can because if there’s a considerable delay between the event and the delivery of the photos, you’ll probably lose interest and feel as if all that excitement never occurred in the first place.

9.  We give you precisely what you deserve

Our services don’t end the moment your event is over. We’ll polish all the images our event photographer took on that day and do some editing and production work to ensure that everyone looks their best and that the images perfectly encapsulate the atmosphere of the event. We’ll make all the necessary adjustments to make sure that you’ll be satisfied with the finished product and get excellent value for your money.

Let us show you what we can do

It takes a great deal of time and effort to organise and host a successful event. That is why you’d certainly want to make sure that the event and the memories it will generate will live on through captivating and beautifully taken photographs.

At Life is Art, our mission is to provide exceptional event photos that will take our clients’ breath away. This is why we always make a concerted effort to ensure that we are always prepared whenever an event photography assignment comes our way.

Book a call today and let’s show you why big-name brands and businesses, such as MTV, Jaguar, the Universal Music Group, and rhubarb, trust Life is Art.