Investing in a virtual tour for your restaurant is a creative and interactive way to offer internet users the information they are searching for.

Recent research shows that 86 percent of diners look up a menu online and 60 percent looked at photos of a restaurant before deciding whether to dine there.

So, with most diners looking at your eatery online before coming, how will a virtual tour help you stand out from your competitors?


Showing Off Your Restaurants Ambience

Use virtual technology to show off your restaurant’s ambience providing individuals with a hint of what the atmosphere is like, leaving them wanting more. Whether your interior is exciting, beautiful or calming – a virtual tour can give viewers a real taste of what your restaurant has to offer. 



Google’s algorithm rewards businesses for providing users with rich, engaging and useful content and a virtual tour is exactly that. If your content is considered favourable by Google, your search rankings can increase.

A 360-degree virtual tour will also help maximise your visibility in search results by allowing your restaurant to appear on local google searches, google maps and other google services which can increase your online traffic.

Additionally, you will be able to upload your virtual tour to your google business page which encourages users to spend more time interacting with your brand.


Social Media

With 301 million people using social media each month, many of your customers and potential customers will look at your restaurant on at least one social media platform. 

A virtual tour is exciting, engaging and interactive and provides social media users with visual content that is both impactful and memorable. 360-degree videos are also shareable content. When your content is being shared it means more people are talking and interacting with your brand.


If you’re ready to take the leap and stand out from your competition, head over to our virtual tours page for more information, price guides and to get a quote.