By creating an immersive experience with a virtual tour, you are engaging your potential buyers from the offset. With a few mouse clicks, your audience is taking a virtual walk-through of your property. So how can this increase your sales?

Qualify your leads

A virtual tour will act as a lead qualifier. Potential buyers will decide if at a first glance if a particular property is for them. After watching your 3D video, only those who are ‘interested’ will request a face-to-face viewing.

This streamline process will save you time as it eliminates definite ‘non’ buyers of a particular property.


Money saving

Potential buyers will whittle down their ‘must-see’ list through your virtual tours and will only request face-to-face viewings of those they might purchase. This will save you money as you’ll not have to drive to as many properties. It will also save you time as you’ll be physically attending less viewings, time is also money!


Reach a wider audience

Not everyone looking to buy a property will be local to your area. A virtual tour will open up your property to a much wider audience, for example, buyers looking to relocate or buy in your local area who are based internationally or in another part of the country.

Additionally, a virtual tour can allow those with accessibility issues to easily establish if a property would be suitable for them to view in person.


Properties with virtual tours get 40% more clicks compared to those with just images. This means that your website traffic will increase drastically and naturally, you’ll be attracting more potential clients.

To Google, content is king. So, a 3D virtual reality tour that is attracting new website visitors who are spending an increased amount of time interacting and sharing your content, will be highly favoured by Google’s algorithms. This will increase your Google rankings.


Win more listings and increase your portfolio

When a seller is looking for an agency to list their property, one of the main things they’ll consider is, how will you market their property?

As a 360-degree virtual tour is the best way to showcase a property making your agency extremely attractive to a seller.


If you’re ready to take your property business to the next level, head over to our virtual tours page for more information, price guides and to get a quote.