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Automotive videography

It doesn’t get much more high octane than automotive video production, so when we get the opportunity to work with car brands, we get very excited.

We are sure you’ll agree that a car isn’t just a mode of transport, it’s an extension of the person in the driving seat. We connect very closely and emotionally to the cars we drive, often naming our vehicles and caring for them as though they have a personality themselves, so we know that choosing a new car involves forming a deep connection to a car’s brand. In other words, your customer needs to picture themselves driving through that cityscape and relaxing into that heated leather interior; they need to see their aspirations in front of their eyes. So, styling, landscape, framing, music and movement are all vital components we are dedicated to nailing, making sure we illustrate just how beautiful your car is, from bonnet to bumper, delivering a brand message that speaks directly to your customer.

We’ve built a strong, high end portfolio of car videography that we’ve refined over xx years, providing dramatic, exciting video content for our clients in the automotive industry.

We are an automotive videographer who knows and understands your brand and your clients well. With our help, you are sure to capture your target audience’s imagination and compel them to take your desired action.


our specialist equipment

To make sure that we’ll provide only the best automotive video production services possible, we’re always updating our equipment with the latest tech. It’s the stuff we get really geeky about. And as 100% self-confessed petrol heads, nothing makes us happier than playing around with our gadgets and filming cars. Here is a flavour of what we have and what we can do:

  • 6K RAW recording cinema cameras
  • Industry-standard car mount rigging
  • Multiple car-mounted gimbals and remote control high-speed shooting
  • Super slow motion, high-speed cinema cameras
  • Latest 4k drones with highly experienced operators


There are dozens of video production companies out there, but none of them offer the same quality of service and dedication to the craft as we do. If you want a car videographer that can fulfil or even exceed your expectations, then look no further than Life Is Art.

At Life Is Art, we offer beautiful, cinematic-quality automotive videography that provides cut-through for your brand. We understand that you need to convey your brand story in your video marketing and that every minute detail is vital, from storyboarding through to lighting, sound and effects.

Our highly skilled visual media artisans are dedicated to creating video content that doesn’t just engage your audience but also encourages them to buy into your car brand and model. With our top-notch automotive video production skills and expertise, we will take your target customers on an emotional journey, leaving them inspired and motivated to get in touch with you and make a purchase.

Discover the Life Is Art Experience

Using a video that sticks to your audience’s mind long after it was over can certainly go a long way towards successfully convincing your target customers to trust your brand. As such, it makes perfect sense to choose expert videographers who are as passionate about cars as we are.

At Life Is Art, you can count on us to deliver video content that reflects your brand’s values and goals, allowing you to pique your audience’s interest and inspire them to take your desired action.

Book a call today and let us show you why car companies such as Jaguar, Audi, Ford, and Volvo trust our team.