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Documentary film production

 Picture this. Stylish low light plays across the screen with background music that sets the scene. The inner workings of your business play out with realism, honesty and integrity, featuring your people at their best. 

Our documentary videography crew is made up of professional artists who understand that documentary-style videos need to be shot in a way that shows the true to life operations of your company. You might want your documentary film to be artistic, educational or nostalgic. Still, whichever route you choose, our team are well versed in producing films that capture the essence of your story.

At LIA we are proud to have some highly skilled documentary videographers who’ve worked on a huge variety of business assignments in faraway countries and right here in the UK. Our non-invasive style of documentary video production means everything is stripped back to reveal the heart and soul. A documentary film is so powerful because there is nowhere to hide.


At LIA we are proud to have some highly skilled documentary videographers who’ve worked on a huge variety of business assignments in faraway countries and right here in the UK. Our non-invasive style of documentary video production means everything is stripped back to reveal the heart and soul of your project.

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Your story is important, so we want to make sure we help you to tell it right. That’s why as we plan your documentary video collaboratively. 

Pushing creativity to its limits we are always full of ideas and never rest until we get it bang on. Before we wheel out the equipment, however, we will storyboard our thoughts and talk with you about scripting, budgets and a film production schedule – this will be our bible, and we will stick to it like glue throughout the assignment, delivering to your expectations and beyond!

When we shoot your documentary film, our talented filmmakers will use the latest in video technology to capture it. Wherever possible, we will stay on the periphery and simply capture your business in the most natural way possible. And, when it comes to editing your documentary film, this is where the real magic happens… We lay down the perfect soundtrack and effects, we emphasise the effects of light and depth of field injecting emotion and really bringing your brand story to life.

We are really passionate about our work and very proud to help businesses tell their story through our film making – it makes us really happy! Take a look at the documentary films we’ve produced for our clients and you’ll no doubt see our passion in our work.

Producing a good documentary film

As a long-time documentary videographer and someone with a great deal of experience when it comes to producing all sorts of video content, we are often asked what makes a good documentary film. Some say it’s the editing or cinematography and other artistic elements, while others believe it’s the story. Personally, we believe all of them are essential in creating a good documentary film. By combining these vital elements, videographers and filmmakers like us are able to come up with something that will pull your audience in and leave them glued and spellbound on their seats.

To produce top-notch and high-calibre documentaries, high-quality technical equipment, including state-of-the-art cameras, microphones, and editing equipment, is absolutely needed. Even if you have killer filmmaking and editing skills, it can be difficult to pull off one heck of a documentary video if you don’t have the right equipment to back you up.

At Life is Art, we are proud to tell you that we have them in spades. We make sure to invest in the best audiovisual equipment to ensure that we can produce a documentary film that fully encapsulates our client’s vision and allows them to tell their story. We have years of practical experience when it comes to using these essential documentary video production equipment, which enables us to produce high-quality films all the time.

We also have the best team to transform your vision into reality. As we mentioned earlier, our videographers are experts at producing films of all kinds. Whether you’re aiming for something educational, expository, or artistic, our team understands what needs to be done to capture the core of your story and transform it into a film that will captivate your audience.

While producing video may look simple and uncomplicated at first glance, it requires more than just setting up a camera and taking footage. As we have discussed before, extensive preparation is needed to ensure that everything will go without a hitch. So when you obtain our services, expect us to have a sit-down with you and discuss the central message of your video, scriptwriting, storyboarding, and other essential matters.

Documentary videos for businesses

It is no secret that documentaries are often used as vehicles to promote change. People championing certain causes would use documentary films to raise awareness and to encourage others to take the necessary action. Similarly, businesses and individuals in the corporate world can use this type of visual content to leave a lasting impression on their audience and boost the inner workings of their respective companies.

When done well, corporate and business-focused documentaries can help you establish a strong foothold in your industry. It can help enhance your reputation and credibility, and enable you to establish trust with your customers. At the same time, documentary films can also help build employee confidence and strengthen morale and camaraderie.

At Life is Art, we take corporate and business documentary video production very seriously. We take a creative yet careful approach to our craft to ensure that we are telling our clients’ stories in the most authentic yet artistic way possible, giving their customers an insight into the values and personality of their respective businesses.

If you’re looking for a video production company that will help you captivate your audience, we are more than happy to take on that role and offer you the services you need. As with our other photoshoots, our production crew will use the best audiovisual, lighting, and editing equipment to give you the best result possible.

Please take a look at our portfolio so you can see what our team can bring to the table.

Let’s talk about your next documentary project!

Documentary films provide an effective avenue for letting your story be heard. Whether you run a charity, own a business, or simply someone who wants to deliver a very important message to the world, documentaries can aid you in your vital mission.

At Life is Art, creating documentaries and other types of meaningful visual content is what we live for. We are very passionate about our craft and we always exert our 110% to ensure our clients’ maximum satisfaction. If you’re looking for a team of highly artistic and very creative videographers who share your love and passion for good storytelling, you’ve certainly come to the right place. We can provide you with top-notch video production services that will meet or even exceed your expectations.

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