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The thing about event videography is that you only get that one chance to capture those special moments, and this requires flexibility, skill and creativity. We have been filming events for over a decade and our ability to adapt our videography style to reflect the atmosphere of a special occasion has meant that our event videos always stand out from the crowd.

From single-camera filming to large-scale multi-camera shoots, our team has delivered high-quality video solutions for a variety of luxury events, conferences and parties.

As highly experienced event videographers, we specialise in capturing the “wow” factor of a luxury event, making sure none of your preparation goes to waste. After all, if you have spent hours, days or even weeks planning a special event, it makes sense to capture every moment on film.

We create different types of event videos for our clients, whether they are organising a banquet, a conference, a presentation or a testimonial with delegates and speakers. We always make sure we capture all the fun and highlights of the occasion.

Why Choose Life is Art?


At Life is Art, we are passionate about every single video assignment we take on. As your trusted event videographer, we will make sure we capture every little aspect that makes your conference, concert, banquet, party or award ceremony unique. With our skills, experience and creativity, you can preserve the memories for a lifetime and marvel at all the effort you put into organising and hosting an extremely enjoyable and successful event.

Remember, event videography involves more than just capturing the most exciting moments. Because you have taken the time and trouble to painstakingly make the necessary arrangements to ensure that your occasion is a huge success, we will match your efforts so that you end up with a video that will blow you away.

As mentioned earlier, we want our videography to reflect the vibe and atmosphere of your event. For this reason, because your style as a company or organisation can have a considerable impact on the finished product, we will conduct the necessary research to get a better understanding of you and your guests.

Remember, our job an event videographer still continues even after your event has ended. After taking all the necessary footage, we will do some editing and production work to polish the video and add that “wow” factor. As we want to ensure that you will be completely satisfied with the finished product, we guarantee that we will exert 100% effort into producing a video you will never forget.


Let us demonstrate our unique event videography skills

At Life is Art, we are always gunning for perfection and excellence. We are fully aware that organising and hosting a grand event is not an easy task, which is why we strive to make sure that we provide you with videography services that will meet or even exceed your expectations. You can count on us to produce a video that will make all your planning worthwhile.

Book a call today and let us show you how much we love covering events and helping our clients. You will soon discover what makes our video production services truly exceptional.


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