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At LIA we produce music videos that showcase talent, and we absolutely LOVE doing it. We make films that stand out whether they’re featured on YouTube, Vimeo or MTV, and we’ve got endless ideas about how we can shoot, direct and finish a film that’s guaranteed to marry audio and visuals in the perfect way.

We can produce all types of music video from live performance pieces to mind bending special effects and everything in-between. And don’t even talk to us about music genres – whether you’re Bowie, Lamar, Anthrax, Lil’ Kim or even Beyonce, we can produce music videography that will make you outshine the rest.


Your music video production can be powerful, cinematic, emotive, funny, provocative – it’s up to you, but it always starts and ends with your song. From your song, the images we create together will be original, creative and give the viewer something to take away with them. We see your music video as a mini feature film. Sound, lighting, props, extras, scenery, they are all painstakingly selected and staged to make sure you love what we hand back to you at the end of the process – we aim for Oscar-worthy results!

We have a huge amount of fun producing music videos, and that shows in our music video portfolio. Whether you need a Scorsese esq epic, or Life on Mars simplicity, we want to go on the journey with you. Get in touch, lets make sweet music together.


music videos are kinda our thing

As our client, your identity and of course your music are what is important throughout this whole process. We work hard to maintain them in their truest form and embellish your talent with a beautiful video that you’ll be proud of until it forms part of your back catalogue. Whether you’re a solo artist releasing your first single, or a well-seasoned professional musician looking for your next production team, we are ready to speak to you.

We can lead the way if you need guidance but have tons of ideas, we can be as involved in the early stages as you want us to be, or, if you’ve storyboarded exactly what you want then we’ll take that too! Anything is possible in music videos, that’s why it’s so much fun, right?! Together, we can let our imagination loose and create something awesome together.

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