creating powerful experiences

& fresh perspectives

Virtual tours give your customers and clients the feeling of actually being in your venue, home, shopfloor or wherever you are – seeing ‘it’ as it really is. By using cutting edge software we create an experience for a user to navigate through and immerse themselves whenever and wherever they want and with a quick turnaround, we can have you showing off space within 24 hours of enquiry!

Show off your space with annotated 360 property photography, Google ready tours, dolls house views, 3D renders and floor plans. We provide a complete immersive 3D virtual experience for your customers and provide you with a game changing way to engage and sell.

Show Off Your Best Bits

Promote and highlight the key features of your space using pop up annotations, flyout animations or menu options

Sales That Never Sleep

Your virtual tours are available to everyone 24/7. So you can be keeping busy even when you’re not

Tick All Your Boxes

Our 3D scans not only provide stunning 360 imagery, we create, with 99% accuracy a 3D twin of your space. Hello instant floor plans, measurements and schematics!

Quick and East Setup

With 24 hour turnaround times you can have your virtual tour embedded on your website, sent to your customers and shared across you social channels at the click of a button

Pandemic Proof Your Business

Customers can visit your shop, showroom or property from the safety of their own home, meaning you can stay open even if the world is closed!


COVID-19 & Your Safety

At LIA we take your safety very seriously. We are open for business and we are working to the government guidelines around social distancing, and all out kit (including ourselves) is thoroughly sanitised before entering your premises.

next level VIRTUAL TOURS

Consumers of today want engaging imagery and a visual experience, so standard photography and old school flat 2D just isn’t give enough of the ‘WOW’ factor

The virtual tours we produce, using Matterport scanning technology, are changing the game on how people shop, visit, explore & buy. This immersive experience is a 3D showcase of your space – allowing customers to experience it from the comfort and safety of their own home whilst still feeling like they are physically there.


360 photography but better


With our 360 photography we can work independently from Google, which means we can be as creative as you want!

We photograph your business and create 360 degree images of your space – then you tell us exactly what you want. Start the tour from anywhere, split rooms, show off key features of your space with flyout menus, pop up images and information, you can even embed video clips. We can then host it for you and provide you with a link to embed on your website or wherever you want it to be viewed.

power up your google tours 

Using Google Street View technology your customers can step inside and walk around, explore, and interact with your business, property or space from anywhere in the world!

Customers will be able to truly experience your business – just like being there! The tours are embedded on Google search results and Google Maps, and you can also embed them on your social media profiles and your website. 

Everyone here at LIA is Google accredited, which means we know exactly what you need and what works.


Like What You See?


have a browse through some of our 3d renders, floor plans and high end photography