If a picture can paint a thousand words, just imagine what a video or film can do. Combining visual imagery with music and special effects, videos certainly make a highly effective and influential medium when it comes to telling people what you want them to know. This is why it isn’t any wonder why many businesses and individuals rely on videos to help them spread their message to the world.  Creating videos is no easy task. Fortunately, there are expert individuals, like us here at Life Is Art, who live and breathe videos. With a reliable video production company at your side, introducing a new product, announcing the launch of a new business venture, or creating a compelling visual to go with your latest musical composition is definitely a piece of cake.

Video Production Companies Explained

So what does a video production company do? As the name implies, a video production company creates video content for use in television and social media, as well as for corporate and commercial purposes. They should not be confused with film production companies, whose primary function is to produce dedicated films for cinema and/or television.  Video production agencies, like us here at Life Is Art, produce a wide range of videos. They also cover several events, such as fashion shows, and business conferences. Below are some of the services companies like ours offer:

1. Corporate video

These days, companies use videos to promote their products or services, as well as inform the masses what they stand for. They also use this medium to engage their customers and communicate with them, especially through social media. They often obtain professional video production services to ensure that their videos are truly engaging and of high quality.

2. Video editing

It’s the editing part of the process that often has novices completely stumped. Fortunately, video editing is amongst the many services video production companies offer. Since the editing process is often complicated and time-consuming, many companies and individuals willingly hand over this task to the professionals.

3. Brand video

Similar to corporate videos, brands and manufacturers sign up for professional video services so they can creatively and effectively showcase their products to their target market.

4. Commercials and music videos

Although this service often requires a bigger production team, many video production agencies provide advertising and music video services.

5. Drone filming

There’s a growing demand for drone filming services in recent years and for a good reason. Not only is using drone shots easier and more convenient, but it is also cheaper than shooting footage from a helicopter. Plus, drone shots certainly give more depth and add that “Wow!” factor to videos.

The Benefits of Using a Video Production Company

Now that you know the answer to the question “What does a video production company do?” it’s time that you learn why you should consider hiring one, even if your company has the capability to shoot and edit videos.  Here are the benefits of seeking professional video production services.

1. It helps you save time and effort

Shooting footage can often be the easier part. What’s challenging is the editing. If you or your team are already swamped with various responsibilities, it certainly makes sense to seek the assistance of a video production company. With professional help, you can save time and effort. You can also focus on more critical tasks, such as running your business.

2. It provides you with a different perspective

When you’re too close to your own work, it can be easy for you to overlook mistakes. Sometimes, you might even fail to recognise opportunities to improve your work further. This is why, at times, it is better to take a step back and obtain an outsider’s perspective. Since they don’t have any personal stake in your company, a video production company can quickly put itself in your audience’s shoes. This allows them to see things or recognise opportunities for improvement that you may not have realised before.

3. It takes your videos to the next level

While you may have knowledge of video production and have created a film or two in the past, you can’t possibly obtain the same results as when you enlist the services of professionals. Video production companies such as ours have all the equipment, experience, and expertise you need to ensure that your videos are on another level. They can also bring something extra to the table, such as advanced special effects and animation.  Therefore, if you want to obtain the best results possible, it certainly is a good idea to enlist the services of a video production company. Not only will it give you maximum satisfaction, but it can also assure you that your video will be a hit amongst your audience.

It’s Always Better to Seek Expert Help

A video production company is indeed a great help not just to big-name brands and well-established businesses, but also to smaller growing businesses who are looking for the best possible results. As such, if you want a video that will blow your audience away, seeking expert help is something you should consider.  At Life Is Art, we live and breathe video. We have a team of highly talented and skilled video production experts who have years of practical experience. Whether you need help covering an event or you require a new promotional video for your product or service, we are more than happy to assist you. Speak with us today and let’s discuss how we can help you create videos that will leave your audience speechless.